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Welcome to the FAQ section. Here, you will find more details about the wedding. If you have any queries not addressed on this page, please write to us at, or contact either one via Instagram (@aaron_mendonsa  |  @bubble.lidm)

What time should I arrive to the ceremony/reception?

The wedding mass begins at 3.00 PM, and the reception is at 6.00 PM. As the venue for the ceremony and the reception are different, we request you to arrive at the latest, 15 minutes before the ceremony, and 30 minutes before the reception, in order to ensure proper seating at the venue.


What is the dress code?

As this is a special occasion, the dress code will be formal or semi-formal (Ethnic/Western). Smart casual attire is also considered. Please note that guests must not wear white to the wedding as it is only worn by the bride.


Do you have wedding colours?

Our wedding colors are Tangerine, Burnt orange, Navy, and Powder Blue / Ice Blue. It is not required to dress according to the theme colors. Please refer to the dress code for details.


When is the last date to RSVP?

The last date to RSVP would be Tuesday, 29th November 2022. This is to ensure adequate seating and plates for the guests. 


What if I cannot attend the wedding?

We understand that you may not be able to attend for various reasons. In case you are unable to attend, please RSVP 'No' in the form. 


Can I attend the nuptials/ceremony even though I'm not a catholic?

Yes, the nuptials/ ceremony is when the marriage takes place. You are most welcome to attend and witness the bride and groom making a commitment to each other in the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony.


Can I post photos/videos of the wedding?

The wedding mass/ceremony is the only time we would request no photos, as it is a sacred time for us. However, we encourage photos/videos before the mass, as well as after the ceremony and during the reception. Our only request is that you tag us [ Aaron (@aaron_mendonsa) or Eliza (@bubble.lidm) ], or even use our wedding hashtag #RonLiWedding, so we can keep track of all of your pictures! 


Additional details:

  • We hope for pleasant weather on our wedding day. However, please do carry an umbrella as Bangalore is known for surprise rains during this time.

  • The traffic in Bangalore may cause delays, hence we request you to kindly plan your travel accordingly.

  • We’re happy to see you on our special day! Please note that no alcohol will be served during the reception.

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