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Our Story

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Our friend set us up in the guise of making a new friend. I wasn't really looking for a relationship, but in the first call, I knew that Aaron was special. By the 3rd call, I was in love. I'm not a super romantic person (I find it cheesy), but that didn't stop me from celebrating his birthday, and asking him to be my boyfriend, all on our first date. He's kind, sweet, and goofy. We have so much in common and I sometimes can't believe I found my better half. He's the best thing about the pandemic and I couldn't be happier.


As fate would have it, I moved to Bangalore a month before the great lockdown of 2020. Since I was new to the place, I didn't have many friends and I was still settling in. An office colleague introduced me to her friend from her previous company as she thought we would be a "good fit", and that's how I met Eliza. We instantly hit it off and after a few days of knowing her, I asked her out where I asked her to be my girlfriend. A year later, I went down on one knee. And the rest is history!

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